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An albatross searching for penance,
A transcendental philosopher searching for philosophy,
A seeker waiting to be found,
An artist waiting for fifteen minutes of fame,
A human searching for humanity,
A writer searching for words,
A loner searching for a party,
An oxymoron searching for fellow morons,
A nihilist searching for meaning,
An addict searching for abstinence,
A procrastinator waiting for time,
A dreamer searching for reality,
Did I say a writer searching for Words?


A writer’s state of mind

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I’ve got all the woods in me you motherfucker, Hollywood, Bollywood. Fuck it I even live in the WOODS!



What will happen when the bullet shoves through my prefrontal cortex. Pull the trigger { voice of the inside voice}. But if i die who will write it?


Existentialism or nihilism? Camus or Nietzsche? Forget this shit, I am going to write about a boy and a girl dancing around trees to birds chirping!


Hey fuckers I am not dead yet. can’t you see my pen move?



Wipe that smile off your face, you smug bitch. You were going to kill me in your book so I killed you in real. How is that for poetic justice?



Its true you see a book flash you by before you die.



The writer has gone out for an imaginary fuck. Please be kind enough not to intellectually masturbate on the outline.

Now lets take it from the top.