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Glasses at Midnight

January 1, 2017 My Articles

Like a teardrop on a rainy day on my face you will shine.

The sun can cast its shadow the moon can stop to wonder.

This journey that we have begun has just begun.

Don’t be scared of losing my hand don’t be scared to catch another.

Where all glories are lost and hope is stored that’s where I will see you once again and before.

The night may have sullied the bloom but my heart is in the battle even if I fight alone.

There will come a day where we won’t have to fight, there will come a season of content so lets hush up the lull before the godforsaken storm.

I will look back onto this day and say this with gratitude, thank you for coming my way because love does last forever; I know I won’t be wrong.

Take a step ahead today even though a wall you face, they are known to breakdown with an embrace.

I will look at you with my eyes closed and nothing can stop my gaze.

At a bar you will find me sitting, gushing at the sun, why are you following me everywhere, go away midnight has come.

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