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May 29, 2017 My Articles

The loss of sensation, the beginning of pain when all is alive but
the end is near. When everything is said and only gestures speak,
when the tired mind thinks we did so much but there’s still so much
to be done. Subtly the epidural kicks in and we get under each other’s love skin.

Top on top like fragmented desire, you lose your dream and I build my fire. Do me a favor lend me your hand; I will push you down as deep as I can. Smoggy images collude with reality. You don’t have to be a pop star to fuck with my mind. I have taken the death drug so I have limited time, but you’re stuck in the middle of an oceanic abyss. Don’t worry we all die but not before I let you in my love skin.

Heaven is a city and I don’t want to see the narcissist. Give him a mirror and he will know that nothing lasts for eternity. Purge me in sin and let me breathe, the fanatics are committing sins in Eden whenever they please. What’s forbidden here is permissible there; let them indulge in serene promiscuity. God is the cosmic candy man and I am in carnal paradise. Fuck the rhetoric and get under my love skin.

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