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March 18, 2017 My Articles

Sunday Sex


The light drips through the blinds cascading into a sheath of broken fragments on her face. She is asleep but her mind is aroused. She rests her left hand under the sheets; he is already looking at her. It’s a little past nine on a flimsy Sunday morning; there is a hint of rested melancholy in the air assuaged by the faint smell of coffee brewing nearby. He takes her hand and places it on his throbbing; she moves closer and places her wet lips on his. They go under the sheets forming silhouettes of abstract art.

Sunday morning sex is a decadent hedonistic pleasure that enraptures the mind, body and shock awakens it from a deep slumber. It’s an adrenaline kick! Imagine you’ve woken up and find yourself inverted on a roller coaster ready for the drop. Adults experience a deep serenity and mental repose on the ‘weekend’. This warm, and velvety feeling piques on Sunday morning.

The world on a Sunday morning usually behaves like a forgotten lover. We draw solace from its familiarity but most of us really don’t know what to do with it. On a Sunday the sounds of the world are drowned in a silent time-lapse. Everything is in motion but the pace is defined by the lack of movement.

Your eyes still accustomed to the dark aren’t fully open, your body half conscious lies in a state of sensual awakening, and the soft light breaking in from the window forms a pattern of crystalline synchronicity creating an aura of muted longing.

The warm body lying next to you is just as awake and aroused and in a matter of moments the landscape is subsumed in carnality. Through the power of subconscious desire a synaptic connect is established between the both of you. The room is inebriated with lust and the walls start to sweat. You touch softly first, then softer and then the momentum is erratic and your heartbeat fanatic. Your body starts to go to places unknown and your mind navigates through the deciduous forest of hunger. Both of you are now complicit accomplices in this diurnal game of love. No rules exist no parameters are defined; lust doesn’t want an answer but only satiation.

sunday sex

The clock strikes thirteen and you’re still languishing in bed in drunken stupor, your stomach growls and you don’t know if it’s for pancakes or for some more maple syrup.

One can’t deny the power of sex on a languorous morning when the world is comatose but you’re in the throes of pleasure. Imagine that feeling of being supremely powerful and subservient at the same time. Among the many benefits that sex has it also helps in maintaining a youthful appearance with the rush of endorphins and DHEA from an orgasm to repair skin damage and radiate a healthy glow. The best anti-dote therefore is to reboot your complex system with some hard-wired physical activity that has the potential to nourish your soul.

Monday brings with it not only the blues but also a deluge of digital and mental haberdashery: emails, phone calls, pesky telemarketers, and insidious bosses with lascivious plans. It lingers surreptitiously like ‘the sword of Damocles’ but people who’ve had sex on Sunday are more combatant and well soused for this illusive beheading.

We live in the 21st century where we’re in the avid pursuit of instant gratification and conventional sex has become a virtual reality. Before sex becomes a relic of the past lets make the most of this barbaric act of civilization. So go ahead and wrap your head around a lazy Sunday, unleash your libidinous swagger to guitar moans and to the slow pounding beats of your heart. Bring out the Vinyl and let Marvin Gaye’s leathery voice seduce you to get it on.

Disclaimer: Mutual Sex is subject to bedroom risks. Now go break a leg!

Songs to get you in the Bedroom Mood – Ear Porn

  1. Lets Get It On – Marvin Gaye {personal favorite}
  2. Wicked Game – Chris Issak {sex-anthem of the 90’s-}
  3. Lay Lady Lay – Bob Dylan {Its Dylan}
  4. Fade Into You – Mazzy Star {Dylanesque}
  5. The Sweetest Taboo – Sade {Sultry}
  6. Take My Breath Away – Berlin {Tom just Cruises into your body}
  7. Je t’ aime….Mon non Plus – Serge Gainsbourg {Anything French}
  8. La Femme d’Argent – Air {Stay in Bed All Day Song}
  9. Doin it Right – Daft Punk {Synthesized Moves}
  10. Young and Beautiful – Lana Del Ray {Haunting}
  11. Come Away With Me – Norah Jones {Hallucinatory}
  12. Lovage – Stroker Ace {Trippy}
  13. Glory Box – PortisHead {Addictive}
  14. Let Her Go – Passenger {Ukulele}
  15. Make You Feel – Alina Baraz {Sensual}
  16. Unchained Melody – The Righteous Brothers {Corny But Horny}


sunday sex




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