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The Importance of Freedom of Speech and the Dogma behind Tradition

January 1, 2017 My Articles

Language is a recent phenomenon, thought and edifice go back to the beginning of mankind {excuse the sexism English is a sexist language}. We have learned to articulate thought by codifying and edifying. By giving thought necessary words or action we bring it to life. While it is widely understood that our ability to communicate through speech sets us apart from other animals, but animals we are.  {I hope that animals don’t take offense to this}.

Writing came into existence much later. It’s no wonder that the world is in a conscience dilemma on how to tackle the issue of freedom of speech, as words do not have the perspicacity and sagacity of thought. Thought will always out do words, hence we don’t struggle with thought but we always struggle to bring thought to the fore by means of expression. But in this struggle thought can never and should never lose ground because if you can think it or believe in it you have the right to express it. Freedom also comes with certain statutory rights.

Freedom of expression is not absolute and can be limited when it conflicts with other rights. No society will tolerate incitement to murder or the sale of pornography to children.

As to everything in life, there’s a subversive aspect to Freedom of speech as well. One of my favorite examples of freedom of speech gone wrong is from a hard line Muslim cleric in Iran; he blamed provocatively dressed women for earthquakes around the world. But the Catholics weren’t far behind, when they labeled sex for ‘Mere Pleasure’ a Sin and responsible for major upheavals in the world.

So the next time you’re vibrating in the throes of pleasure whilst taking God’s name you are forewarned that you are violating a serious canon of God {Can we leave God out of our bedroom please}?

The funny thing though is the majority of people who condemn such moronic statements are the one’s who support state sponsored war.

Now you see why humans are a fundamentally flawed race, they are continuously in contradiction; life for them is navigating one paradox from another.  It’s tough being a human.

But in my opinion the most nauseating humans are the easily offended. These dilettantes choose to be offended at anything. Many among them are self -appointed vigilantes breaking every law and making there own laws as they spearhead their form of dementia. Believe me their cult is growing.

Nothing is sacrosanct or inviolable especially religion. God is not an entity hence it can’t be harmed or provoked. God is at best a noble phantasm created by people as the greatest punching bag. And punching bags can’t be blasphemed against. Punching bags can’ t take humans to court on account of slander or invective speech. A punching bag is a target of frequent criticism or abuse and created for the sole purpose of transference of blame. The religious fanatics are quick to blame God for things that go wrong and are quick to term it as, ‘The Will of God’, if this statement isn’t vilifying God than nothing can. Think about it murders, mayhem, rapes, accidents natural or otherwise are credited to God! There isn’t much else left to offend him with!

On the other hand ‘Tradition’ is a word often used to immortalize what was wrong to begin with. In Somalia the practice of female genital mutilation is deep -rooted in the ethos of tradition.  The practice of Triple Talaq in Islam is a growing menace among Muslim women who find it hard to reconcile with this barbaric law, which seems to be spreading its tentacles into the 21st century. Dowry is one of the worst evils of Indian society practiced across the entire socio-economic spectrum. Gender based inequality is the reason that the world is in shambles and this blatant inequality has its roots vested in religion, tradition and dogma.

There is no doubt that human beings are a flawed race. We will always find a counter productive use of something that was good to begin with. Just because people might use a knife to kill doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be allowed to use it in the kitchen. Just because humans driving cars have cause fatal accidents doesn’t mean we ban all cars. We are in a race to continually master and augment technology but we are never in a race to augment our mind. Marriage can lead to divorce. Just because something good can lead to something bad it does not mean we ostracize or censure it.  Technology will play a huge part in the destruction of the world but that doesn’t mean we eschew technological advancements. As promised by many religious books we are to face doomsday, does that mean we stop living? No revolution or counter-revolution would have taken place without freedom of speech. Freedom of speech is our only way of reaching Utopia or at least a negotiated Utopia.

And a wise woman {the use of woman is intentional Eve was supposedly made from Adam’s left rib} once said, ‘this world is the work of God who has indefinitely suspended his belief in cahoots with Satan who has taken a pledge to uphold the suspended sentence”. Now I know where Bollywood comes up with ideas!

Special Mention- The Land of the Free and the home of the brave has given birth to an International offender –George Bush Junior. This degenerate who was the President of the United States of America pillaged, plundered, debauched the First amendment and served it to the world! But don’t worry; ‘Rectal ventriloquism’ won’t be missed for long because America has decided to pass on the baton to Donald Trump!

George Bush’ s Bushisms- In random order.

‘I hear there’s rumors on the Internets’

‘Our enemies are innovative and resourceful and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our people and country and neither do we’

“You are working hard to put food on your family.’

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